A new health protocol is currently being introduced to make you feel safe when you visit us.
Please read the steps below carefully; we invite you to respect them for the safety health of you and our team members.

Social Distancing

Because germs can spread through coughs and sneezes, during an outbreak of a disease, everybody who arrives, stays or works at Cambie Lodge B&B must maintain a minimum of six feet (two meters) between themselves and other people.

Hand-Washing / Hand Sanitizer 

Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs, hand sanitizer is not a substitute for handwashing, but sanitizer can help, in case used in addition to hand washing or in a location or situation where soap and water are not immediately available.

The sanitizer dispensers are located at the entrance of the house, everybody must sanitize the hands before entering the house.

Team Members 

All team members work with personal protective equipment and receive training programs.

Restricted Capacity

The social distance in small areas are restricted, each area has a sign to tell you how many people can be in at the same time, Do not enter if you see the full capacity until someone exits.

Express Check-in and Check-out

Provide an express check-in and check-out process to minimize contact with team members

Check-In: We will provide by email the specific directions to do your self-check-in

Check-out: The guest only needs to leave the room key at the bowl on the table at the entrance hallway.


Our continental breakfast will serve at the guest door room until further notice. 

Guests must complete the continental breakfast form and leave it on the door clip by 7 am during the stay.

Breakfast will be delivered at the time that the guest requested between 8 am and 10 am. Somebody from our team would deposit a tray on the door of the room with breakfast, knock on the door and leave to keep the social distance and come back to pick up the table and try after the guest closes the door.

Kitchen / Food Storage 

The kitchen will remain disabled for the use of the guests; they will not be able to have the self-service of coffee, tea or keep food in the refrigerator as well. Until further notice, the kitchen use is prohibited

Daily Maid Service

The WorkSafe policies for the COVID-19, don’t allow us to do any service during the guest stay, for that reason we will add a black garbage bag, where you can leave your dirty sheets and towels if you need clean ones.

The schedule to leave the bags outside your room is from 8 am to 12 pm only, we will also leave another one with all clean items during this time as well.

Disinfection of All Common Areas 

Increase cleaning and disinfection frequency of all B&B areas, paying special attention to high-touch items regularly at least twice a day;  If there is an unusually high amount of activity then cleaning and disinfection will be done every 2 hours.

All rooms key will be disinfected all the time.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question at reservations@beautfiulguesthouse.ca or call at 604-872-3060